Classical Gas played by John Murphy C.S.M.V.

Guitar Exams in Ireland

Junior & Leaving Cert Guitar Exam Courses at Guitar Lessons Dundrum, Dublin

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You can hone your guitar playing skills and get academic credits as well by taking guitar as an exam subject for Junior & Leaving Cert. Choose guitar as your instrument for the practical exam and pass with honours doing something you really enjoy.  Guitar exam pieces can be a mix of classical and popular tunes of a suitable standard. For example, I arranged Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' for solo fingerstyle guitar as an exam piece for my students.

Many transition-year students have also chosen to study guitar at Guitar Lessons Dundrum as one of their transition year projects.

Pass Guitar Exams At Any Age

If you are interested in playing fingerstyle classical guitar and want the challenge of passing guitar exams(grades 1-8) set by Trinity College of Music, London, I have a lot of teaching experience that will help you achieve your guitar exam grade goals.

All ages can present for these guitar exams, which start at Grade 1 through to Grade 8. Trinity College London publish the sheet music for each guitar exam in separate booklets.

The practical guitar exams are held twice a year in South Dublin.

You will need a classical/spanish nylon string guitar. You also need to learn the correct sitting posture which means you must  invest in a  foot stool/rest.

In preparing for guitar exams you will learn to read music, understand theory, train your ear, improve rhythm and develop guitar skills that will enable you to play and enjoy some of the best music written for guitar.

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Dublin South Guitar Exam Dates For Trinity College London -

Summer 2014 Week commencing 20th June
Closing date for entries 21st March

Winter Week commencing 31st November
Closing date for entries 19th October